3 Ways To Cool Off In Menorca S Son Bou

3 Ways to Cool Off in Menorca s Son Bou


Brenda Jaaback

One of the main reasons to visit Menorca Son Bou especially is the wonderful climate and enjoyably warm temperatures. If, however, you should find yourself overheating at any point during your holiday, here are some ways in which you can cool off.

A Dip in the Ocean

With the longest beach in Menorca, Son Bou is one place where you are bound to spend some time laying back, relaxing and recharging your batteries by lying on the warm sand soaking up the hot sun. And if you should get too hot? Well, the sea is right there ready and waiting for you. Son Bou is lined by the Mediterranean Sea meaning that the water is lovely and warm and yet still wonderfully refreshing. After a few hours of baking on the beach, you ll find it almost calls out to you, willing you to jump in and cool off. With gentle currents and clean water, the sea off Son Bou is ideal for taking a dip and lowering your body temperature before you go back for just a little bit more sunbathing.


A Stay in the Shade

One of the most obvious ways to stay cool is stay out of the sun, yet this never seems the most appealing of ideas when you re on holiday in Menorca. Son Bou, fortunately, has the answer to your quandary within its nature reserve. This protected area consists of wetlands and reed beds which make the temperatures a great deal cooler than they would be out in the open sunshine. The coastal path alongside the reed bed only makes for a very pleasant place for a walk, but also a wonderful place to see the wildlife Son Bou has to offer, with many migrating birds making it home at one point in the year or another. Be sure to take plenty of insect repellent with you when you go for a walk in the nature reserve, as mosquitoes like to call it home just as much as the birds do.

A Wander through the Maze

If not enough shade was proffered by the wetlands, there is one place where you ll find even more the Laberinto. Quite possibly the only maze in Menorca, Son Bou s Laberinto is a labyrinth made of wood, which covers about the same amount of space as a football pitch. As you try and make your way out of the maze you will be confronted by challenges which vary from day to evening. During the day you have to collect coloured fish and stamp a card whilst being doused in water from a sprinkler system, whilst at night you will come up against swamp creatures and ghosts lurking around the corners. Whether you like the idea of being sprinkled with water during the day, or waiting until the sun has gone in and it has cooled down, a visit to the Laberinto is often a real highlight of a holiday in Son Bou.

So, if the temperature soars a little too high for you while you re in Menorca, Son Bou has plenty of things which you can do to cool off a little.

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