5 Advantages To Building A New Home

Building a home is an incredible opportunity for families. Why settle for an older house when a brand new one, customized to your family’s tastes and lifestyle, can be built? Below, we’ll list five advantages for people who choose to build a home. #1 – CustomizationAn obvious advantage to building, rather than buying an older home, is the opportunity to customize the house according to your personal preferences, taste, and lifestyle. What style and layout are ideal? What kind of flooring is the best fit? What wall colors do you envision? Working with a builder allows individuals to be a part of the process and choose the features and upgrades that they want. Many builders even offer turnkey package upgrades, which means that the house will be live-in ready as soon as the buyer receives the key. Talk about convenient.#2 – Fewer IssuesBuying an older home is always a gamble. What if the air conditioning breaks two weeks after closing? How soon will the roof need to be replaced? Has there been any previous water or fire damage? These are issues that people deal with on a day to day basis when they buy older houses. After the costs of the downpayment and closing, many families may not have a lot of cash left over to fix issues that may come up. The beauty of building is that the chances of facing any of these issues in the near future are slim to none. This saves families not only cash, but headaches as well. #3 – SafetyIt’s a fact that newer houses make safer living spaces for families. Rest assured that building code requirements, including fire safety, will all be up to date. Also, there is no concern of a fire starting due to outdated or worn out electrical components. With new construction, there is no threat of mold or other potentially harmful factors. These things can’t be guaranteed in older homes.#4 – WarrantyMany builders offer a warranty for new construction houses. In the unlikely event that an issue would arise, the builder would repair or replace certain features (as long as the issue fell within the parameters of the warranty). Warranties provide homeowners with a peace of mind, knowing that the builder is obligated to fix certain problems for a specific length of time. It is important to understand exactly what a warranty covers and how to place a claim if necessary.#5 – FinancingA builder usually partners with a specific bank in order to offer in-house home loan services. Finance representatives can sit down with individuals to help them determine which financing plan best fits their needs. Some builders even offer sales incentives, such as special interest rate incentives, points, or assistance with paying closing costs.When your family is weighing the pros and cons of buying versus building, keep these advantages in mind. New construction houses mean fewer headaches, greater customization, and increased safety for those you love.