6 Handy Tips For Training Golden Retrievers

Submitted by: Carson Burnett

Training golden retrievers is very important to the well-being of the dog as well as the peace of mind for the owner. With proper training, your golden retriever will be able to understand which actions are acceptable and which are not desired.

Golden retrievers are quite intelligent. Therefore, they are able to read the responses that they get from their master to determine if their actions are favorable. Positive responses encourage your golden retriever s good behavior, while negative responses let the dog know that you are not pleased with his or her actions.

Here are some great tips for training golden retrievers:


1. Not all people are the same, nor do they have the same needs for a golden retriever. If you are training your golden retriever, it is important for you to determine the behavior that you desire from your dog beginning on the very first day of training. Decide what it is that you want to train your golden retriever to do and focus on the appropriate training to achieve the results that you desire.

2. From the first training session onward, praise your golden retriever each time he or she performs the desired action. Likewise, it is just as important to discourage your golden retriever from undesirable behavior. For instance, when training your retriever, if your puppy fetches the ball, then you need to praise him or her accordingly. Your dog will soon learn that you like when certain tasks are performed. On the other hand, if your golden retriever puppy is shedding your pillowcases, discourage him and teach him to play with his or her chew toys.

3. Often times, you may feel like you should be stern with your golden retriever. At times, when training your golden and he or she becomes particularly naughty, do not hesitate to be stern to remind them who is boss. However, you should never strike your golden retriever or cause them physical or mental harm in any way.

4. When it comes to training golden retrievers, timing is everything. You must praise or discourage your golden retriever s behavior immediately as demanded by the situation. It is important that you understand dogs are not humans and will not understand if you try to correct their behavior later. For example, if your golden retriever chases cars, discourage the behavior sternly and immediately to avoid tragedy.

5. When training golden retrievers, it is important to realize that your dog should be allowed to develop a number of healthy habits on his or her own. For example, do not allow your golden retriever to eat anything that he or she finds on the floor. Be sure to instill proper food habits in order to keep your golden retriever healthy and safe.

6. Many veterinarians recommend only one member of your family being responsible for administering food or medicine. This will keep your dog healthy because it discourages accepting food from strangers.

Training golden retrievers requires a great deal of time and patience. Once you are successful with the training, your new friend will be easier to manage and you both can look forward to a lifetime of happiness.

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