Comment Of 2010 Beijing Automobile Sales

By Himfr Ivy

Beijing last car sales create extraordinary high. Yesterday, China automobile circulation association tangible market introduction, club President SuHui 2010 Beijing new car sales reach 89.1 million cars, more than 26 per cent year-on-year, including in December as high as 142,000 million vehicles.

December sales as high as 142,000 million

SuHui at the first China automobile market research published in the peak BBS concerning the 2011 of the Chinese automotive market forsight about “speech, he said in a report from last year is expected to the end of the year, eight hundred thousand cars are expected to 850,000 new car, car sales constantly breakthroughs expected in Beijing. Beijing new car sales amounted to 2010 89.1 million cars, more than 26 per cent year-on-year, including in December as high as 142,000 million vehicles. The number is not included in the excuse for registration number of automobiles. (excuse for registration vehicle refers to consumers in dealers place already paid subscription order, and waiting for delivery of the vehicle. Last December 23, Beijing new car sales volume before and after the actual more than 100,000 cars, far more than public 230 thousand car number. Used cars, the first 11 months of last year trading as 44.4 million vehicles, December is expected to exceed 5 million vehicles, same or than expected.

SuHui, said Beijing last thousand auto possession 260 car, second only to foshan among the second, has reached the level of moderately developed countries.

This year market uncertainty factors


For this year, SuHui said that at present market uncertainty factors in too much, new implementation effect remains to be time test, manufacturer also temporarily bad for Beijing area tasks. This year dealer issued.

However, SuHui said basic can cautiously optimistic attitude, because the new hair licence was outside, Beijing for buying a new car and scrap vehicle amount will also have two hundred fifty thousand or more cars, thus new car transaction will at least more than 500,000 cars. But for second-hand car, at present only 9 percent this year, and Beijing flow nonlocal second-hand market will face serious test.

As we have learned, Chinese Automobile circulation Association China Automobile Dealers CADA (Association) was established in 1990, affiliated to the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council. China automobile circulation association tangible market branch belongs to the Chinese automobile circulation association, it is a nationwide comprehensive car auto market, tangible service trade zone and relevant unit composed of national industry organization.


Restricted rumours trigger snapping up tide

Data shows, 2008, Beijing new car sales or more (49.3 million and second-hand respectively year-on-year, 400,000 cars were in ten percent. 2009 blowout, achieve new car transaction appear 70.01 million vehicles, increase from 42%. Car sales for 45 million vehicles, year-on-year growth of 12.5%. By 2010, Beijing new car sales in the first half, but grows slower from October after accelerates, increase successive a few months more than the national average.

Learned, October start accelerating with Beijing restricted rumours have very big concern, the information of opaque and uncertain sparked of consumer psychology panic, in in succession plan, causing completed initial years market buying tide. Until 2010 December 23, the Beijing municipal government announced the passenger quantity control called “interim provisions of government, the local regulations are commonly known as” governance plugging deal. Insiders expect, treat plugging for Beijing new market sales in the actual effect after the Spring Festival gradually appear.

Buy a new car, car owners often first will decorate beautifully, while ignoring the body itself maintenance. Actually the first vehicle maintenance and open wax, often is the future transport the upkeep of a car quality assurance, if beginning to maintain well, later also can appear many problems.

Although no new car paint ageing problems, but before use should do thorough protection treatment, from the factory to the transportation to the parking, car topcoat had contact with air, acid gas, sandstorm struck. Timely correct maintenance, can make the car youth forever. If buy is imported car, we should consider is contained in paraffin waxes, resins and teflon etc. Don’t use petrol dewaxing or kerosene is wiped, should choose professional open wax liquid, or to the professional beauty maintenance shop, please technician help processing. As for i , body is used mostly green electricity coating, paint angled mirror burnish, so there’s no need to open wax.

The first cleaning car cannot careless, cleaning undeserved, can damage the outer layer of light oil part, that car is not the brighter but the wash washing the dark. You’d better clean hand washing room, choose neuter mild wash agent, the car paint surface sand and dirt clean. Some dirt is with the naked eye look not to come out, like a fly lacquer, gum, alkali, acid chemical pollution, should be thoroughly clean, simply use wash agent is to not to drop, must use special decontamination clay bit is wiped. Whole car cleared, reoccupy shock the seal machine thrown into a car lacquer. This is a new technology, sealing over glaze car within one year, no longer waxes, only after water to wash with clean shammy cloth and wipe dry can anti-oxidation, uv, keep the car paint will not fade. Finally in tires, bumper, fender flares etc parts with corresponding cryoprotectants, prevent aging.

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