Consequences Of Hygiene In The Production Of Dairy Farming Enjoy Fresh Cow Milk In Delhi

Today maintaining hygienic becomes one of the major steps in the production of milk, now the question is what is milk hygiene? How is it done and why it is important? Milk hygiene is the technique of taking necessary precautions during milk production usually the contamination arises at the time of milking; various causes of milk contamination are like dirty milk equipment, udder infection, hands and udder clothes, unclean milk tanks used for milk storage and ancillary equipment. Hygiene in milk production is also linked with the production of milk from healthy animals.

While browsing old records, history and some important research on food and health, we have found that mostly virus occurs via animals. So it’s important to take necessary measures for the maintenance of animals and their surroundings on the dairy farm.

The other aspect of getting good quality milk from animals also depends on their food and diet. Dairy animals often eat as much as 50-100 pounds of food per day, which consists of a balanced combination of forage, grain, mineral supplements and protein-rich feeds such as soybean meal.

To maintain a good a quality milk production one has to make sure that their dairy animals are fit and fine and are free from any kind of disease. A sick animal can affect dairy production in many ways like low milk yield, compromised milk quality, and reduced feed conversion. Sick dairy animals may also lead to the risk of contamination to humans (e.g., tuberculosis, brucellosis).

Many small scale dairy industries suffer from bad milk hygiene. These are due to lack of knowledge, bad management, and control, lack of availability of animal health services. Even a loss of single bovine can put a large impact on the production of the small scale dairy industry.

Now we came across the benefits of hygienic milk production and familiar to different Indian brands that are producing quality milk for the good health of their consumer and complete city.

Maintaining the hygiene of dairy farming is essentials for our routine because the wide population of the world consumes milk.

Poor cleaning techniques and milking vessels are some of the common reasons responsible for the formation of dangerous bacteria, diseases, and pathogens.

If proper cleaning measures are not taken place by the milk production company then people of our country (Youngsters, Old ones and children) will suffer from malnutrition and poor TCT () levels.

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