Hvac Contractor Changing Unit Filters Monthly Critical Maintenance

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – Many people neglect maintenance tasks for their heating and air conditioning units like changing the filters, which negatively affects residents’ health and the effectiveness and life of the unit, according to Gabriel Carini.

“Unfortunately some people don’t realize how important filters are so they don’t make it a priority,” says the owner of Carini Heating and Air Conditioning in San Diego.

The indoor comfort system ductwork functions as an expressway for pollutants like pollen, pet hair and dander, mold spores, dust mites, mildew, smoke, odors and bacteria. A high-quality air filter removes them from air circulation, but in order to be effective filters must be replaced or cleaned regularly.

Clogged filters also make the unit work harder and use more energy to maintain the indoor temperature. The HVAC contractor says dirty filters cut down on its life expectancy and increase the chance of needing a costly air conditioning or furnace repair.


“For excellent performance, use the best filter that is compatible with their home comfort systems and their budgets, replacing them monthly or as needed,” says Carini. “

There are many types of filters to choose from with different sizes, efficiencies, designs and quality. Instead of the brand or price, Carini suggests homeowners should look at the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value to determine the quality of a filter, the higher the number the more efficient the filter is at removing indoor air particles.

“A filter with a MERV 12 is the best balance between airborne particulate removal and overall heating and cooling system efficiency,” he says. “Anything higher than 12 is going to cause too much drag for the standard residential system to effectively handle.”

The system manual lists the recommended size, type and maintenance schedule. Heating and AC repair, service and installation technicians can also help homeowners determine this information. It is important to find out this information for sure because some systems have multiple filter locations and types of filters.

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