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If you are interested in Internet marketing you have probably heard about online article submission. Article marketing is a type of Internet marketing where you can write your own articles about almost any topic of your choice, but the key to getting your article accepted and getting traffic to your site or blog is to write it well and know what to include.

One of the best ways to generate free quality traffic to your website or blog is to distribute SEO articles to top directories. Via Online article submission you will have the chance to show off your authority in your chosen field. Online article submission will make online readers like you as you give them more information they will be able to utilize. Here I will be sharing with you some of the most effective Online article submission tips that will improve the results you get from article marketing campaign.

To start with, you need to carefully choose the article directory you are going to use. I agree there are myriads of online article submission sites. However, not all of them can give your articles the much needed exposure. Some article directories are new and as such may not be known to readers. In some instances, some article directories are not even indexed by Google. Do not waste your quality time with sites like that! Reach for sites that receive millions of visitors from all over the world on daily basis.

If you want exposure from Online article submission sites, you need to ensure your articles are well optimized. Write your articles on the latest algorithms of popular search engines like Google. You need the right amount of keywords sprinkled in strategic positions where the search spiders can easily see and crawl them. Use latent semantic indexing technique and do not forget to use HTML codes if online article submission is to an HTML website.

Use only unique articles for Online article submission. I am saying this because I know you will not like it when you are penalized for duplicate content. Using articles that have been used by other marketers will send a negative impression to your audience, that you do not have anything fresh and informative to offer. Your duplicate articles may also risk being rejected by the article directories and who knows, you account may be terminated for plagiarism.

If you are really serious about using Online article submission to drive massive traffic to your site and improve your page rank, you must be willing to write quality informative articles as many as possible. You should write at least 3 or more on daily basis. Do not say this is too much! Remember, the more articles you write, the more the inbound links, more traffic and of course more sales. If you feel you can’t produce informative keyword-rich articles, you will need to consider hiring SEO article writers. Online article submission remains a vital tool to bring more money into your pocket, if you understand what I mean.

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