Purchasing The Right Garage Doors For Your Home Or Business

By Jim Kesel

Haas Garage Doors have been manufactured by the same company since 1954. Famous for their commercial grade doors has also has a very good line of residential doors that will meet just about any contractor or architects design needs. Haas Door is a Nofziger company and is located in Wausean Ohio.

Probably the best of the Hass garage doors products include the 700 series residential door. These quality steel garage doors utilize polyurethane insulation providing a higher energy efficiency. Polyurethane foam insulation is far superior to polystyrene foam in terms of both insulation qualities and durability when enclosed in a door panel. Another benefit of the polyurethane foam comes from the fact that it fills all the voids within the door panel and bonds to all the panel parts making a very ridged garage door panel.


The exterior of the Haas garage doors panels is protected by a 26 gauge steel sheet that is galvanized, sealed with epoxy primer and finished with a polyester top coat. Because the steel is engrained with a natural wood grain pattern the final finish is really quite good. Vinyl top and end caps protect the foam insulation from environmental degradation. The top caps are slot and ridged to keep out the elements. All of which makes a great garage door for any home.

Commercial Haas garage doors are used in both industrial and municipal applications throughout the county. Their aluminum doors grace many of the country’s fire and rescue stations and too many gas stations as well. These doors are great for providing environmental protection while letting in the maximum amount of light. The aluminum Hass garage doors are designed to be lifted by hand which is critical for fire and search and rescue stations. No need to worry about responding during a power outage. You can order them with vinyl or tempered glass windows that can be tinted as well.

The garage door opening is the weakest part of any building weather it is a business or a home. A garage door failure during any storm event will put your structure at risk for total collapse. If you live in a high wind risk area like the Gulf Coast then you should certainly consider purchase a high wind door. It is possible to purchase and install a garage door that can withstand winds up to 180 mph. One additional advantage to installing a high wind door is the added security it it will provide. Many thieves will break into a home through the garage door. A structurally strong garage door will go a long way in preventing any illegal entry.

Purchasing any garage door based on low garage doors pricing is just not smart. You really do get what you pay for when it comes to quality garage doors. Haas garage doors are in demand across the country by builders, contractors, engineers and architects due to their high quality. Haas has a reputation for standing by their products with good warranty program. Next time you need to replace a garage door or install a new one in new construction you should consider Haas garage doors.

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