Tips To Getting A Six Pack Good Juice?

Tips to Getting a Six Pack – Good Juice?


Matt Cha

Let’s take a second to work our imagination muscle.

Hold your hand out and imagine an apple in it. How much of that apple is liquid and how much of it is solid? Go ahead and picture the total amount of juice in that apple put it in a clear cup on a kitchen table. Take note of the juice’s color, taste, and texture. Now, imagine some other person putting a full cup of apple juice right by your cup. Next to the half-filled cup of a lightly-colored fluffy juice you mentally extracted from an apple is a cup filled to the rim with an amber colored liquid from a jug bought from a store.

I don’t know about you, but that other person’s cup just looks like an overwhelmingly packed concentration of “juice”.

Anyone whose ever worked to get their six pack knows that getting the coveted six pack is really about three things:

How you work out.


What you eat.

How you eat.

If you want to increase your efficiency in getting that six pack, toss the store-bought juice. That type of juice concentration is just an extremely high calorie sugary mixture. When you drink these highly concentrated juices without the rest of the fruit, you lose the fiber and other beneficial components of the fruit.

Let’s look at some of the disadvantages to losing the rest of the fruit:

The fiber gives your appetite a satisfying effect. Leaving out the fiber will leave you craving for more carbs after drinking these concentrated juices.

With such a high concentration of sugar, you are more susceptible to problems concerning teeth like dental cavities and dental erosion.

In excessive amounts, there are records of physical effects in areas like aging, height, and weight gain.

If you look around, the American diet is notorious for its consumption of sugary mixtures. In particular: Soda, Apple Juice, and Orange Juice. Of course, we drink so much of these fruit juices not only because of their taste, but because of things like the convenience of having a nutritious drink readily available, the convenience of not needing to prepare an actual fruit, and even the extra vitamins. My point here is not to say, “Fruit Juice is the worst thing ever made!” My objective is to give you a new perspective to look at in this popular part of our culture.

One obvious solution to this would be to watch your juice intake and limit it to maybe 1 serving a day. But instead of trying to limit your juice intake, why not just eat actual fruits and enjoy not only the taste but all the other health benefits doing so?

I’ll even throw myself in as an example. I personally have lost about 40 pounds in 3 months just by healthy eating practices. I’m not gonna say elimination of fruit juice was a primary contributor, but I will say that cutting concentrated fruit juices out of my diet gave me a strong advantage to great health and a much greater appreciation for the real stuff.

Bottom line, fruit juice can be a nutritional asset for you… if you limit yourself. But if you’re looking for maximum efficiency in losing pounds, getting healthier, and getting a six pack, eat the fruit. You might like it.

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Tips to Getting a Six Pack – Good Juice?