What Are Statement Services, And How Can They Help Your Business?

byAlma Abell

Creating, mailing, and processing statements can represent a huge amount of work for any business or non-profit. It’s absolutely vital to keep your company running smoothly and to keep your customers up to date and informed, but the amount of work required can quickly become overwhelming.

If your business or non-profit is struggling to keep up with statements and invoices, consider engaging a statement processingservices like Southwest Direct. We can take the load off you and your employees, by offering support in any of these areas. The key to combating the workload struggle is to utilize outsourcing services such as ours.

Statement Design

A clear, easy-to-read, and well-designed statement or invoice will go a long way towards easy processing and happy customers. Southwest Directs’ expert graphic design team can give your statement an overhaul that makes it more informative and easy to read. Including extra information like usage graphs, detailed charges, and consumption history will give your customers peace of mind and make their bills easy to understand and easy to pay.

Statement Processing

Processing statements and invoices consumes time, space, storage and manpower that many businesses, especially start-ups and non-profits, struggle to produce. Why not save time and energy and outsource statement processing to streamline your workflow? A processing firm can also help you build the infrastructure to move your payment processing online, with online document archiving and electronic statement delivery and payments. Save time and money for you and your clients, and go green at the same time: it’s a win for everyone involved.

Project Management

Opening a new branch of services, or simply trying to streamline your existing processes? You don’t have to outsource bits and pieces of processing and statement service: Southwest Direct offers you a complete project management system, from design and inception to rollout and follow-up. You’ll have expert guidance and support every step of the way.

Data Security

Your clients trust you with large amounts of personal data, whether financial or medical. As cyber crime and identity theft become more and more common, data security is essential for any company. We understand the importance of keeping your client’s data secure and private, and offer security solutions that may be beyond the reach of nonprofits and small businesses. There’s no need to take any risks with your clients’ privacy and security when Southwest Direct’s line archiving and security system is a phone call away.

Your statements and invoices are a major connection with your clients, so make them the absolute best you can be! Let Southwest Direct’s statement processing services streamline your communications and your billing process, and make life easier for you and your customers.