Role Of Cornerstone Real Estate Investment Securities Services And Benefits

Role of Cornerstone Real Estate Investment Securities Services and Benefits


James Farrington

Cornerstone is a company that specializes in real estate investment securities. It is involved in providing services namely Delaware Statutory Trust (DST), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Tenant in Common (TIC) investment properties, etc. As one of the earliest members of the TICA, Cornerstone offers one of the largest listings of tenant in common properties with strict due diligence standards. Owners who invest in TIC and DST will be able to diversify their real estate investment across different properties and reap the benefits that arise from capital gains deferment. The benefit that owners can enjoy as a result of their investment is because of the permission granted by the Section 1031 of internal revenue code when a real estate property of similar nature is exchanged. Role of CornerstoneThe DST investments and tenants in common properties have been designed for a specific purpose. DST and TIC have been designed to address a number of burdens associated with 1031 exchanges. Cornerstone plays a major role in identifying sponsors, reviewing properties, performing due diligence and offering section 1031 DSTs and TICs to investors. One of the factors why you can trust this company is they will offer properties for investment after performing full appraisal to help investors reap full benefits of capital tax gains deferment. How to Use the Cornerstone Website?If you are interested to know more and use the services offered by Cornerstone Company, then first get all the information you need about the company and their services. You will have to register for using the services, but to get basic information you can simply visit the company s website. However, for more specific information you will have to complete the information request form and the company will send you your password which you can use to access the information you require. If you want to receive the latest news and notification on TIC and DST properties currently available then click here. What Type Of Information You Can Access?Once you receive your password from Cornerstone, you can use it to access a robust amount of information on Delaware statutory trusts, tenant in common and 1031 exchanges. On this website you will also find the following information; A lengthy listing of available DST and TIC properties of all asset classes located throughout the United States, advantages of DST and TIC investments, information about the various risks associated with DST properties and TIC replacement properties and an overview of the DST and tenants-in-common industry and the structure of DST investments and tenant-in-common investments.

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